Case study


From start up to established, award winning brand, RISE have been steadily evolving over the past few years.

Having worked with RISE over these years, we have seen them grow their company and activity considerably. The RISE brand is unique in their sector and so we saw the prospect of a new website as an evolution rather than revolution, building upon an already strong brand positioning. Our task was to re-align and future-proof the website, making it responsive, visually stunning and content managed. It needed the ability to grow at the same rate as the company. Using analytical insight, and the creative ethos of the brand, we formed the new website you see today. A great mix of intuitive navigation, easy to consume information and beautiful page designs with evocative imagery front and centre.

This website is a great example of how our team work to bring together great analytics, design, build, content management and optimisation to produce a website that sets the benchmark for an industry

Michael Avery